Unique Mountain Cheeses from the Pyrenees
Unique Mountain Cheeses
from the Pyrenees

Rising above the Balearic Sea and stretching across the continent to the Bay of Biscay, the Pyrenees mountains connect Catalonia to the Basque Country. This unique bio-region is both lush and starkly demanding. Dairy cows are rare, but heirloom breed goats can be found grazing on the slopes above Barcelona and sheep seem to outnumber people in many of the small towns throughout the Basque Country.

The Basque and Catalonian people have strong and distinctive cultural traditions around food and farming. While each side of the mountains is unique, there are many similarities that unify the farmers and cheesemakers throughout the Pyrenees. The Py collection of cheeses is inspired by the hearty people who make these mountains their home, and the original cheeses found across this ancient and distinctive region.

Ferrus & Mini Ferrus

Ferrus is an original cheese, created by a Catalonian cheesemaker who traveled around Spain learning the craft and returned home to test new ideas inspired by this experience. Made with goat’s milk collected from two local dairies, the small, brick-shaped Ferrus has a uniquely dense, fudgy texture, with a smooth paste and molded natural rind. Herbal aromas compliment the bright lactic flavors, with notes of wild thyme and a hint of truffle or porcini on the clean mineral finish.

Black Head Manech Ossau Iraty

This unique Ossau Iraty is made exclusively from the milk of heritage breed Black Head Manech sheep grazing on high mountain pasture, which is prized by cheesemakers for it exceptional richness. Each wheel is made by hand and aged on wood boards for a minimum of 6 months. The smooth, firm paste offers deep caramel flavors, with undertones of broth and a long, savory finish.

Ahuntz Ederra

Alongside the well-known sheep, goats also graze the scenic foothills of the Pyrénées mountains. Ahuntz Ederra, meaning ‘Beautiful Goat’ in the Basque language, symbolizes the beauty of these animals, the quality of their milk, and the richness of the terroir. Sweet and creamy, the complex flavor of this dense, natural-rinded goat tomme unfolds on the palate.

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